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Reply Well i contacted elitefitness, and despite the claim on they do NOT give their approval to this site. If any sites request for you to send the payment via

Western Union that is a red flag straight away. I've never been a big fan of injection based steroids, so the website allows me to easily locate oral based steroids. The comment of the minimum order for 150aud is what the site requires. Hello All, If you d like to leave a review, please leave your review here. Reply With", 05:34 AM #6, originally Posted by rickyj, evolutionary. Ive order 3 times now and all is cool and also my steroids were posted from the Uk so they got into Australia easy. Also they give us a choice of shipping from Thailand or the. I know it's hard to know who to believe because there are so many conflicting comments i went through the same but trust me they are no good. Defs my advice for people s go to for steroids domestically in, australia. Org is still the only place I trust online (you can see my review here ). Kevin, reply, dON'T BUY! Even if 1 of these people were legit, they probably wouldn't get through anyway! New to this, where to buy online. You the same as me will get the gear in about a week but if its already something they have in Sydney then a lot less. The cum suckling # that are giving positive feedback for the site are lying e site is a scam and so is their sister site. Australia s #1, steroid supplier and amazing sponsors of the forums. If you're an aussie placing international orders, place lots of small orders (no more than 8 vials per order to allow for small, discreet packaging) rather than big portal hits.

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I bought about 250 worth of stuff and payed to an account in Turkey via Western Union (which is pretty typical for the illegal stuff). They communicated with me right up until they received my money. Stick with anabolshop, probably the most likely to pass customs. All I can say is that that Buy Steroids Australia web store is excellent. This website splits up all the steroids into different categories, making it incredibly easy to find. They are scammers but good at # hence the website.100guarantee is impossible anyway but i thought i would try them as fell for the bull they wrote and was desperate but now im not effects sure they even sent as no seizure note and no response. Keep up the good work. Doug, Savannah, reply, i live in new south Wales, and I've ordered from them 3 times and 3times I've got the gear. Anyway I never received a thing or even a reply email to my countless emails I sent them (they have no contact numbers, which is also pretty standard). There needs to be a link that warns people from purchasing from these # Reply). What did you order that was seized? This way, I never have to wonder exactly what I'm selecting from the site or what I might find when I open the shipment box.


Ck, reply i live in bangkok and work here and its easier for me to cheap buy from these guys and i get it in 3 days, once i went back on holiday to Auss and they took 8 days methyl to get to sydney, the art. Reply With", 04:16 AM #4, that is price a scam website bro. Also they made me order a minuim 150 worth lol. We have to blame only ourselves. Obviously the good reviews on here are by owners of s a complaints board so who would look on complaints board to write good stuff unless they the owners. Buy Steroids Australia is top notch. Buysteriodsaustralia massive scamming theifs save you hard earnt money or give to charity don't go with them scamming #! I am locating no mention of them on your website, which makes me suspicious. Then you're surprised when a dishonest person cheats you. #1 sarms provider in the world - m - moderator approved, want to know Source steroids info? Reply Steroid Australia is same # who has m this testosterone dog keeps this scam going buy opening different websites don't be fooled guy, order from this peace of # and you have 100 lost you cash Reply Remember.C. 12:58 tablets AM #2 they not listed in our review section, so be careful and o there are no legit Australian sources,too hard.

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Reply, hrm according to scam advisor the website is hosted anadrol in the Ukraine and the server its hosted on also hosts other websites including., reply, not sure if thats like porn sites hosted in various foreign countries, and it does have 53percent. In fact the last time I didn't even check the tracking number as I knew it would be here soon. Corey, Sydney, reply, i've always enjoyed buying products online, but locating steroids that would clear customs just seemed to be impossible. I think this # name is Dave Langley (site owner). Tim NSW, reply looks like a lot more then - here and mines a plus as well, after my regular contact went tits up about 7-8 months ago if used Buy Steroids Australia and so far touch wood (my head) all has gone smooth remember. Most methandienone recently I tried out The reason I did not link to them is because I dont want to give cheap them any good publicity or extra traffic at all. Save your money guys this Dog will rip u! Everything is always exactly how it is suppose to look. Reply With", 04:30 AM #5, evolutionary. Cheers 2 Message by Adam on Sat, 14th Sep 2013 9:33 am Thank you for bringing this to our attention.